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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Middle Resident Input Sought for Open Space Projects

The gazebo at Railroad Avenue Park

By Press Release

COURT HOUSE – Middle Township is open to ideas about how to use its open space.

According to a release, the township received $5,000 through Atlantic City Electric’s Sustainable Communities Grant program last fall. Now, officials are seeking public input, as part of the process, and are circulating a community feedback survey through June 30. 

Middle Township received the 2020 Sustainable Communities Environmental Stewardship Grant, which specifically funds the evaluation and enhancement of the existing Open Space and Recreation Plan. The analysis is intended to help identify areas that could be improved, preserved or conserved, without changing the character of the community. 

“A Steering Committee was developed to review and discuss the current plan. After meeting and sharing thoughts and ideas, it became clear the public was the missing piece,” stated Nancy Sittineri, director of Grants and Economic Development. 

The 10-question community feedback survey asks residents to choose their preferred uses of open space, such as for recreation, agriculture, wildlife habitat, access to waterways and to “maintain rural character of the township.” 

Respondents are polled about their recreational interests and what types of public spaces they believe Middle Township needs. The survey also asks residents how they would recommend improving current recreational facilities. 

“We encourage all residents interesting in sharing their vision for the future of our shared open spaces to take the survey,” Mayor Timothy Donohue stated. “We are committed to preserving the unique rural nature of Middle Township as we encourage responsible and sustainable development in our town centers.” 

Expanding recreation already is a priority in Middle Township, which has renovated Railroad Avenue Park, rebuilt Avalon Manor Fishing Pier, and extended its bike path over the past year. 

Atlantic City Electric launched the Open Space Grants with its program administrator Sustainable Jersey. The program awarded $75,000 in funds to 11 municipalities last year. Residents can fill out the survey by using the link: 

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