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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Middle Commences Schoolhouse Paint Project

Middle Township Committeeman Ike Gandy (right) takes a look at the exterior of the historic Whitesboro Schoolhouse with Cape May Painting contractor Jerry Gallagher. The building’s exterior will be painted this spring.

By Press Release

WHITESBORO – After meeting with the contractor on site, Middle Township Committeeman Ike Gandy announced March 30 that the historic Whitesboro Schoolhouse will get a fresh look for spring, as work commences on the exterior painting project awarded by the township, in late 2020.  

“Now that the weather is improving, we’re excited to get this painting project underway,” Gandy stated. “This work follows on the heels of our investment in major upgrades to the schoolhouse’s HVAC system in the past few months.”  

According to a release, gandy, a supervising construction foreman, has oversight of buildings and grounds in the township. He said the exterior upgrades will be meant to last.  

“We are making a significant investment in this property. It was important to me that we did this right,” Gandy stated. “This historic schoolhouse holds a special place in the history of Whitesboro and our community at large. We want the appearance of the building to reflect our commitment to honoring that history.”  

The Township Committee passed a resolution to award a contract to Cape May Painting. The painting project will refresh the historic school building that operated from 1911 to 1967.  

The Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro, a nonprofit organization, uses the building for its headquarters through a partnership established with the township, in 2018. Cheryl Spaulding, program administrator, Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro, expressed appreciation for the exterior work on the school building at an October 2020 Township Committee meeting.  

“On behalf of the Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro and (group president) Bernie Blanks, I just want to thank you guys for moving it along to paint the building,” she stated.  

The Historic Whitesboro School stands at the end of Main Street, near Route 9, just down the block from the new Whitesboro Post Office that opened last summer.  

“Our next project here will be to upgrade the pedestrian crosswalks at the intersection of Route 9 and Main Street,” Gandy stated. “We look forward to new, more visible crosswalks, signage and other safety features. As foot traffic increases due to the new post office and growth in programs at the schoolhouse, we want to ensure the safety of residents.”  

The crosswalk work will be a partnership between Middle Township and the New Jersey Department of Transportation. The township hopes to complete the work before the busy summer season. 

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