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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Lower Resident Seeks Help with ‘Aggressive’ Coyotes


By Rebecca Fox

VILLAS  During public comment at Lower Township Council’s Nov. 15 meeting, a resident expressed concern over coyotes on her property.  

She explained she has previously requested help from the municipality 

“They (coyotes) have come after me,” she said. “They have come after my dog. They’ve gotten my dog twice.” 

“They are very aggressive,” she added, noting they are in the woods behind the playground on Jonathan Hoffman and Bayshore roads. 

She said there is a concern for children who use the playground 

“I’m just asking if there’s anything you can do to help before someone at the playground gets hurt,” she said. “I feel that I’m in danger. It’s kind of ruined the aspect of having privacy in the woods.” 

The resident said that after 4 p.m., it is too dangerous to walk her dog on her property, so she must go elsewhere. 

She added that a “den of over 70 coyotes right behind Channel Apartments” has been found, and coyotes have also been seen on the ferry’s property.  

During council comments, Deputy Mayor David Perry said he believes there is also a den in Cox Hall Creek. He said he hears them every night, and they have been on his property, also. 

Council said they would investigate the issue to see what they could do. 

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