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Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Lower MUA Awards Bid for Del Haven Water Project

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COURT HOUSE – An important deal has been sealed in the years-long process to bring fresh water to the Del Haven section of Middle Township.
According to a Middle Township release, the Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority, which is planning the project in partnership with Middle Township, awarded the bid for construction, at its Oct. 6 meeting.
The work for the Del Haven Water Main Extension Project went to low bidder P&A Construction Inc., for $9,973,266. Construction is expected to take around nine months and will mark the end of a long effort to supply fresh water for more than 1,000 Del Haven households.
“We truly appreciate the LTMUA’s partnership and perseverance in keeping this project moving during challenging times,” stated Deputy Mayor Ike Gandy, who attended the virtual Oct. 6 meeting. “Now this step of awarding the work ensures we’ll soon have shovels in the ground on this vital project. We are looking forward to providing a safe, reliable source of drinking water for the Del Haven community.”
Saltwater began intruding in the bayfront community’s well water years ago. The possibility of connecting Del Haven households to a safe drinking water source within Middle Township was explored, but it would have been too expensive. After the Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority brought water to the Villas community near the Middle Township border, officials believed that a similar option could work for Del Haven.
Over the course of two-and-a-half years, and with the support of the state, Middle worked on a plan to bring water from Wildwood to the Lower Township MUA, through Lower Township and up Bayshore Road, into Del Haven. In 2019, Middle Township authorized a water supply and distribution agreement with the Lower Township MUA.
The last leg of the Del Haven water project hinges on a supply chain hampered by Covid-era delays. The construction requires 62,500 feet of PVC pipe, 192 valves, 116 fire hydrants, 921 water service connections, and other materials that are taking much longer than usual to receive.
Based on vendor estimates for supply availability, construction will start in the first quarter of 2022.
Shortly before work begins on each street, property owners will receive a wooden stake and instructions to place the stake in the spot at the front of their property where they want workers to install a water meter pit – a vault that holds and protects the water meter.
All property owners in the area impacted by the agreement are required to connect to the new water system and will pay $175 per quarter. The project includes the installation of fire hydrants that will enhance public safety.
Middle Township taxpayers will not be impacted by the water main extension project.

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