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Monday, June 17, 2024


Lower Looks to Draw the Line on New England Road

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By Christopher South

COLD SPRING Lower Township Council moved to make New England Road a no-passing zone from Bayshore Road to Higbee Beach Aug. 15 

The ordinance is a new take on an old action taken in December 1987, which declared New England Road from Shunpiketo Higbee Beach as no-passing. The new ordinance starts the zone at Bayshore Road instead.It is scheduled for second reading and adoption Sept. 7. 

Township Manager Michael Laffey said there has been increased traffic on the road in recent months.  

While a company was in town relining some streets, the township added New England Road to the list.The hope is to address inherent dangers on the road by making the double lines more apparent. 

“That is a narrow road with hidden driveways, and some people travel at a high rate of speed,” he said.  

According to Laffey, the township has become aware of more activity at Higbee Beach on the south side of the canal. 

“We are just trying to make people slow down,” Laffey said.  

New England Road resident Anthony Monzo, who walks along the road daily, said he is seeing a lot of bicycles as well 

“It’s a very narrow road, there are no shoulders and it’s too narrow to have cars passing,” he said. “There is a lot of vegetation in some places, which moves you farther out into the road; but most cars will move over for you.” 

Monzo said he was not aware of any incidents on the road, but he noticed more neighbors putting signs near the roadway with sayings such as, “Drive like your children live here.”  He’sglad the township gave attention to the matter.  

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