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Monday, May 20, 2024


Fox’s Ethics Hearings Scheduled

Former West Wildwood Mayor Christopher Fox

By Shay Roddy

WEST WILDWOOD – West Wildwood Mayor Christopher Fox will not have his ethics violations case settled before the Nov. 3 election. Final hearings will be held in December and January, a spokesperson for the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law (OAL) stated. 
In a teleconference Oct. 20, dates were set for final hearings to decide if Fox committed ethics violations and is responsible for $24,900 in fines as the state Local Finance Board alleged, according to the OAL. 
Cape May County Superior Court Judge John S. Kennedy denied motions for summary judgment and ordered a final hearing earlier this month ( 
The hearings will be conducted via Zoom Dec. 14, 16, 17, and 28, and continuing Jan. 5, according to the OAL.
Fox is represented by attorney Michelle Douglass, who did not return requests for comment on the case. Representatives from the state Attorney General’s Office declined to comment because it is pending litigation.

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