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First District Team Launches Employment Project

First District Legislators

By Press Release

TRENTON – In efforts to help residents get back to work, Sen. Michael Testa and Assemblymen Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan (all R-1st) launched “LD1 Back to Business,” a multi-faceted plan to help residents find quality work opportunities, provide resume assistance to job candidates, and dispense beneficial reemployment information.
“Our office has fielded countless calls from business owners actively seeking residents in need of full-and part-time jobs,” Testa stated. “Inexcusably, the Department of Labor continues to drag its feet on reopening One-Stop Career Centers for in-person visits, so our office is, once again, stepping up to fill in the gaps and help South Jersey residents get back to work.”
“Our team went to work helping local families get the unemployment benefits they deserved when the governor’s Department of Labor wouldn’t answer the phones,” Simonsen stated. “Now, more than ever, we need to recognize the critical reemployment crisis our South Jersey business community is facing. Business owners are struggling to hire employees to work the fast-approaching, crucial summer season.”
“Mom-and-pop businesses are finally able to open their stores and get back to business, but now, they are facing serious staffing shortages,” McClellan stated. “Our ‘Back to Business’ program will help connect residents to reemployment opportunities and prepare them to reenter the workforce. Our team is ready to offer assistance with job applications and resumes and help identify beneficial job training programs.”
The lawmakers are asking residents who need job assistance, resume building, and reemployment training programs to complete the LD1 Back to Business: Employment Questionnaire.
“To get the local economy back on track for the busy summer season, shops and restaurants must be able to find the help they need,” statedTesta. “If you know of a friend, family member or former co-worker seeking a paycheck, please tell them about the LD1 program and share this link.”

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