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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Fashaw Sworn as Cape May’s Police Chief

Cape May Mayor Zack Mullock delivers the oath of office to Cape May Police Chief Dekon Fashaw Feb. 1. Fashaw is stepping up his department's recruitment game in the face of a serious challenges to police hiring.

By Press Release

CAPE MAY – The Cape May Police Department announced Mayor Zachary Mullock administered the oath of office to newly appointed Police Chief Dekon W. Fashaw Sr. Feb. 1.  

According to a release, Fashaw was hired full time in the winter of 1999 and graduated from the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice Academy, in December of 1998. Fashaw also attended the Cape May County Police Academy, graduating in June 1999. 

Fashaw started his career in 1995, as a seasonal police officer for the City of Cape May, and was later hired by the West Cape May Police Department. Fashaw was then hired by the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office, as an investigator, and returned to the Cape May Police Department to continue his career as a police officer. 

Prior to being promoted to chief of police, Fashaw was a detective, patrol sergeant and, most recently, a patrol lieutenant.  

Fashaw’s career accomplishments include a host of awards, citations, and community service accolades. He also managed all the major events and special details throughout Cape May, West Cape May Borough, and Cape May Point Borough. 

Fashaw is also a member of the Town Bank Fire Company, where he is an assistant fire chief. He has strong community ties to both Cape May, West Cape May, and the Lower Township area. 

Fashaw assumes command of the Cape May Police Department from retiring Chief of Police Anthony G. Marino, who served as the city’s police chief since 2016. He was a 30-year veteran of the department, starting his police career in 1988, as a Wildwood City special law enforcement officer (SLEO I / II).  

Marino returned to the Cape May Police Department, where he served as a patrolman, detective, patrol sergeant, detective sergeant and chief of police. He plans to retire peacefully and spend time with his wife, Barbara Bakley-Marino, family and friends. 

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