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Monday, July 15, 2024


Dogs on Beach Complaints Prompt Discussion

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By Shay Roddy

WILDWOOD CREST – Borough Commissioners debated changing the rules to allow dogs on the beach in the morning hours during summer – something that has been disallowed, but rarely enforced – but settled on taking no action.
The law prohibits dogs on beaches at all times between May 1 and Oct. 1. Mayor Don Cabrera said when the beaches reopened after virus shutdowns, there were complaints from residents about dogs on the beach that forced police to take action. Then complaints were received from dog owners who wondered why the rule was being enforced when they were only on the beaches early in the morning.
“It’s probably worthy of a discussion. Dogs are permitted in the parks on their leashes and in all other areas in the municipality,” Cabrera said, in an interview with the Herald. “Why not the beach? I put it on the agenda for discussion. In my mind, the beach is one big park with sand instead of grass.”
Deputy Mayor Joyce Gould opposed changing the law at a discussion during a public meeting June 3, and Commissioner David Thompson agreed it’s a problem when people don’t pick up after their dogs or allow them off their leashes.
Police Capt. Robert Lloyd said that the police would not be adding extra patrols to look for dogs, but would ask people to leave the beach with their dogs if officers encounter them.
Commissioners also discussed limiting dogs to one section or banning them entirely from outdoor public events held in parks. They decided to continue to allow them on leashes.

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