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Monday, May 20, 2024


Dennis Revises Master Plan

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By Camille Sailer

DENNSIVILLE – Dennis Township committee members had a lengthy discussion about a series of items in the township’s ten-year Master Plan review Aug. 23. The document must be submitted for state approval. Committee member Scott Turner is spearheading the endeavor which he termed “a massive undertaking.” 

The potential revisions under consideration by the committee represent a wide range of residential property uses.  

The placement of ground mounts for solar arrays was discussed. Should they be permitted in front yards if they are hidden or obscured from view?  

The height of fences received some scrutiny. Some Committee members consider the current requirements to be too lowCurrently, a fence on the front of a property must be four feet and a fence on the property’s perimeter must be a minimum of six feet. They are also considering a change in the requirement that front fencing be see-through or chain link 

Some asked if cell phone tower installation sites should be restricted to certain areas. 

Pole barn height is now set at 15 feet. Mayor Zeth Matalucci was especially supportive of an increase to allow for a second storyThe mayor also explained that he hopes to see a provision included that allows owners, without seeking a variance, to construct an accessory dwelling structure as a standalone on their property, if it’s built within five years of the main dwelling.  

Matalucci was adamant in pushing for more leeway for property ownersHe wants the township to allow as much free use of an owner’s property as possible.

Why not allow a property owner to have a garage on the bottom of their pole barn and an art studio on the second floorincluding waterwithout having to pay for costly representation to apply for a variance,” he asked.  

Considering that they pay taxes to us for their property, we need to facilitate as much as possible their legitimate and free use of it,” Matalucci continued. 

According to Turner, the Township is under a state-mandated timetable to submit its master plan, and the revisions are due in October.  

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