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Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Del Haven Water Project’s in Final Planning Phases

This engineering map shows the Del Haven area that would receive fresh water through a partnership between the Lower Township MUA and Middle Township.

By Press Release

COURT HOUSE – After several years in the development and planning process, Middle Township’s plan to provide more than 1,000 Del Haven households with a freshwater supply is quickly moving forward.  
According to a release, permits have been submitted to the required state departments, and the project is expected to go out for bid early next year, with an estimated completion date of spring 2022.  
Crews should be breaking ground on the water project in the bayfront community of Del Haven within a few months, stated Middle Township Mayor Timothy Donohue.  
“Over 1,000 homes in the Del Haven/Route 47 area will be guaranteed to have clean, fresh, safe drinking water for the foreseeable future. This will not only improve the quality of life but increase the property values in Del Haven, as well,” Donohue explained, in a video posted on Facebook. 
Saltwater has been intruding in Del Haven wells for years, leaving neighbors without a reliable drinking water source. Some drink only bottled water, but a solution proved elusive because there was no easy way to connect Del Haven residents with the safe drinking water they needed.  
“Bringing the water from Whitesboro through 13 Curves into Del Haven was just too costly,” Donohue stated.  
Then, a few years ago, Donohue came across an article about a water project that involved the Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority bringing water to the Villas, almost to the border of Middle Township. “That got us thinking,” he stated.  
Middle Township reached out to the Lower Township MUA and Wildwood Water Utility about a potential partnership to solve Del Haven’s water woes.  
An ordinance authorizing a water supply and distribution agreement between Middle Township and Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority passed last year. All property owners in the area impacted by the agreement are required to connect to the new water system. The project includes installation of fire hydrants that will enhance public safety. 
“It took us two and a half years to put together, along with the State of New Jersey, an intricate plan and partnership that would bring water allotment from Wildwood to Lower Township MUA, and then from Lower Township up Bayshore Road into Del Haven.” 
The arrangement will not increase debt for Middle Township or its taxpayers.

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