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Crest Provides Update on Flood Mitigation Program

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By Rebecca Fox

WILDWOOD CREST – Wildwood Crest Commission, during its Sept. 1 meeting, provided an update regarding a Multi-Jurisdictional Program for Public Information (MJPPI).
MJPPI is an organization comprised locally of Avalon, Cape May, Cape May Point, North Wildwood, Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Stone Harbor, Upper Township and Wildwood Crest that is a multijurisdictional program that provides public information on flood hazard mitigation, according to Borough Administrator Constance Mahon.
The program helps improve Community Rating System (CRS) points, so that policy holders get better flood insurance discounts on flood insurance premiums, according to Mahon.
The goal is not only to allow for homeowners and community members to get a better deal, but also to provide the proper information, so that they can get what they need and enlighten the public about what they can do to mitigate flood issues, which happens to be a frequent issue in Wildwood Crest.
“The way flood mitigation works; they have to go through the municipality. They can’t just do it on their own,” Mahon said. “There’s a nuance to it, so we help them. We work with the public to make sure people are informed and know where to go to get what they need, in terms of their flood mitigation grant money, or even information on what to do with their own property.”
The original 2017 report is the most recent update.
The borough applied for two types of grants – currently applying for a Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) grant for Washington Avenue. A grant to resolve the Washington Avenue pump station flood mitigation is likely, but unsuccessful attempts have been made regarding the north end of town.
With the other communities on the island, “a cohesive BRIC grant” will allow for bulkhead improvements and shoreline stabilization in areas that don’t have bulkheads. It remains to be seen whether private bulkheads will be approved and included for individuals, according to Mahon.
“I’m happy to say that our participation is very useful and really a benefit to the taxpayers,” Mahon said.

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