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Saturday, July 20, 2024


County’s Fresh Virus Cases Back to Single Digits


By Vince Conti

COURT HOUSE – May 28: Cape May County reported only four new COVID-19 cases today, one day after an increase of 18. This type of volatility may be an artifact of test reports.
The county has recorded a total of 616 total cases since March 18. Half of those cases have been in the population centers of Lower (200) and Middle (107) townships.
A total of 316 positive individuals have recovered and are moved off quarantine. The county now has 253 active cases, of which 140 are community-based and 113 are residents of long-term care facilities. County fatalities remain at 47.
Today’s report shows 189 total cases associated with long-term care facilities, where 37 individuals have died and 39 are off quarantine.
Community-based cases total 427, or 69%, of all cases, according to a press release. Of the community cases, 277 are off quarantine and there have been 10 fatalities.
The 253 still active cases represent 41% of all cases to-date.
State-wide, the number of new cases continues to decrease, and the hospitalizations remain on a downward trend. Today, the state reported 66 new fatalities, bringing the total to 11,401. This comes one day after the total fatalities for the country passed the 100,000 mark.
New cases in New Jersey were 1,261, for a total of 157,815.
2,797 state residents are under hospital care, with 740 in intensive or critical care beds and 564 requiring ventilators. Ventilator use is now at only 18% of capacity across the state.
Today’s numbers contrast with the situation in New Jersey slightly over a month ago, when the state experienced a one day high of cases April 16, with 4.391. Two weeks later, the state hit its single-day high in fatalities, with 460 April 30.
Today’s hospitalizations are down by two thirds from the peak of 8,084 April 14.
With testing times often lagging, many officials consider hospitalizations as among the best real-time indicators of progress in the COVID-19 struggle.

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