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CMCo Prepares to Open 2nd Vaccination Site

County Encourages Flu Vaccinations

By Press Release

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COURT HOUSE – Cape May County is prepared to open a second vaccination location to meet the governor’s expanded vaccine schedule announced Jan. 7.  

According to a release, Cape May County has received 1,000 doses per week of the Covid vaccine and has successfully administered approximately 4,000 doses, which includes the second dose to those in the governor’s specified phases 1A and 1B. Cape May County leads the state in the administration of the vaccine and assures the public that once the state releases more doses, they are prepared to continue the process and vaccinate more people. The second vaccine site will double the effort to get residents inoculated faster. 

Currently, the County Health Department has requested a supply of 30,000 doses of which they can safely store and administer at one time. The county is still waiting for an additional supply to meet the needs of the public and address the expanded schedule.  

“Vaccinating the public is our first and foremost concern, but we need to get the vaccine in order to accomplish that task. We are receiving about 1,000 doses a week, and that is not enough. We are advocating every day for more doses,” stated County Commissioner Jeffrey L. Pierson, liaison to Health and Human Services. 

The Cape May County Department of Health urges all residents to go online and pre-register for the vaccine. The link to pre-register can be found on the county website, 

Those registered will be notified when and where to make an appointment. Elderly or disabled persons unable to access the online pre-registration can contact the Department of Human Services, Division of Aging and Disability Services, at 609 886-6200, for assistance. 

“In addition to providing a second site, the county is coordinating with other providers, such as the hospital and local pharmacies, including those in grocery stores to immunize residents and speed the process. This requires approvals, doses, and manpower and we are doing everything we can to be prepared when the vaccine is delivered,” Pierson added. 

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