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Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Clem Mulligan Sports Complex Renovations Underway

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By Rebecca Fox

VILLAS -Lower Township Council, during its Aug. 2 meeting,approved a change order to Fred M. Schiavone Construction for the Clem Mulligan Sports Complex Renovations Project and the additional removal of nine trees. 
Due to the tree removal, the approved contract’s total is now $2.749 million.
Township Manager Michael Laffey mentioned that the renovations began June 28, and are expected to be complete in late January 2022, weather permitting. 
“Demolition is pretty much completed, and the site work is underway,” he said. “I think they’ve done a quick job with it… can’t wait to see what happens with the project as it moves forward.”
Additionally, some playground equipment from the complex was sold for nearly $10,000.

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