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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Cape May OKs $5M Firehouse Bond, 2 Other Ordinances

By Vince Conti

CAPE MAY – At its Feb. 16 meeting, Cape May City Council adopted three ordinances, none of which provoked public comment during the required public hearings. 

The first ordinance set new standards developed by the Historic Preservation Commission for elevating historic homes for flood adaption, while retaining the historic designation attached to the homes. 

The second ordinance allows more flexibility in the use of tents by local businesses. It temporarily removes limitations on the number of times a business may gain permission to use a tent and the length of time the tent may be in use.  

The use of tents must abide by other conditions in the ordinance. The intent is to provide additional flexibility during the period of the state health emergency that places capacity limits on indoor activities. 

The final ordinance adopted was the $5 million bond ordinance that will support the construction of a new fire station on the site of the existing firehouse. The ordinance was one of two related to the new firehouse that appeared on the November 2020 ballot, as competing referendums. 

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