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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Booze Needs to Stay on Premises, N. Wildwood Says

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By Shay Roddy

NORTH WILDWOOD – The party on the streets is over in North Wildwood.
After deciding to allow bar patrons to consume to-go drinks in closed-off streets in the city’s bar district while businesses were open for takeout service only, the city is now requiring patrons to drink within the establishments’ premises, with the opening of outdoor dining June 15.
“We wanted to give the residents and visitors someplace to go to have a drink. We also wanted to give the bars and restaurants an opportunity to do some business. We were successful in that endeavor, and now we’re moving to the next phase,” Mayor Patrick Rosenello said.
There is no clear answer to when indoor dining will resume in some capacity.
“I haven’t heard anything, which continues to be the problem I have with the way the governor has rolled this thing out,” Rosenello said.
When this article was written, there was no firm date on when indoor dining could resume; however, Gov. Phil Murphy announced June 22 that indoor dining could resume at 25% capacity July 2.

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