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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Avalon Approves Emergency Dredging Project for Pennsylvania Harbor

By Press Release

AVALON – The Avalon Borough Council unanimously approved an emergency dredging project to Trident Marine Piling, of Longport, during its meeting July 14. 
According to a borough release, the contract totals $158,750 and will result in the removal of hard sand dredge materials that have accumulated in the westerly limits of the harbor, making boating difficult due to the hazardous condition.
“Boating and fishing have always been an important recreational and lifestyle activity in Avalon, and we were pleased to receive a bid favorable to the borough from a qualified contractor who is available in the middle of the summer,” stated Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi. “We look forward to removing this dredge material and restoring a safe navigation channel in the harbor.”
The situation was brought to the borough administration’s attention by an experienced, longtime boater Capt. Bill May. That same day, conversations were held with the mayor, borough council and municipal engineers to get a survey done of the problem area to determine the scope and quantity of the project. Federal and state agencies responded quickly to the borough’s requests for necessary permits and approvals to remove this material. 
The bid by the contractor was extremely favorable to the borough. A notice of award was provided to the contractor July 15.
The project will result in approximately 1,150 cubic yards of material being removed from the westerly limits of Pennsylvania Harbor, bayside, off 21st Street, in Avalon. The dredging will be to a depth of four feet, with a one-foot over dredge acceptable. The material will be mechanically dredged and offloaded to a truck that will take the material to a state-approved location. 
The contractor has pledged to work 10-hour shifts and work with the tides in order to finish this project as soon as possible. This project will be similar to a recent maintenance dredging project two months ago, in Princeton Harbor.
The navigational channel will remain open to boaters for the duration of this project. 
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