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Aedicell Will be Tech Village’s 3rd Tenant

Tech Village

By Press Release

ERMA – The Tech Village “Hangars,” at the County Airport, will be the new home to Rochester, New York-based regenerative medicine company Aedicell. 

According to a release, Aedicell is the third tenant to sign for space at Tech Village. The news comes on the heels of the county’s newly announced marketing efforts to promote the notion of businesses making a “coastal shift” to relocate to Cape May County, positioning the peninsula as a great place to work, live, and visit. 

“We see this coastal shift already taking shape and strengthening one step further with the addition of an innovative company such as Aedicell,” stated Freeholder Will Morey, who oversees Economic Development. “The Tech Village Hangars have created a great place for technology-based businesses to land and grow while situated in a wonderful place for employees to make a home.” 

Aedicell’s mission is to deliver wound therapies for superior outcomes at a lower cost to the health care system by using rapid, advanced product development and manufacturing techniques. The regenerative medicine company has developed a unique proprietary process to transform human tissue into biologics for therapy, focusing on the conversion of human placenta into two skin substitute products, Plurivest and Dermavest. 

Aedicell was founded by Ted Burke, who has spent his career in the manufacturing and biotechnology industries. Burke is a former manager at General Electric and director of manufacturing at Celgene Cellular Therapeutics.  

Aedicell is excited to bring its cutting-edge regenerative medicine technology to Cape May County,” stated Burke. “My family and I have been spending our summer vacations here for over 10 years, and we look forward to getting more deeply involved with the community and to share all Cape May has to offer with our employees.” 

“I couldn’t be prouder of the work going on to attract new businesses in our county,” stated Cape May County Freeholder Director Gerald M. Thornton. “This is a company locating and bringing year-round jobs to Cape May County. We thank the Atlantic County Improvement Authority for their partnership and efforts.” 

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) works with Cape May County to secure tenants and manage building operations at The Tech Village Hangars. ACIA was brought on board, in 2018, to construct the first building of the planned complex and have been instrumental is nurturing relationships with businesses to occupy Tech Village space. 

“The addition of Aedicell to The Tech Village Hangars represents another accomplishment in the county’s effort to diversify the regional economy,” stated John Lamey, the executive director of the Atlantic County Improvement Authority. “The Atlantic County Improvement Authority appreciates the opportunity to work with the Cape May County team and looks forward to continuing to assist in meeting that goal. “ 

For more information on Aedicell, visit 

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