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2 Lauded for Roles in Medicare Fraud Conviction

Freeholders recognized Colleen Bingham-Pron

By Erin Ledwon

CREST HAVEN – Freeholders presented certificates to Colleen Bingham-Pron, of the Department of Aging and Disability Services, and Dolores Rambo, of Cape May County Office of Consumer Affairs, for their roles in an investigation that led to the arrest and conviction of a woman in a $1-million Medicare fraud.
According to previous reports, Sheila Kahl, of Point Pleasant, admitted she wrongfully accessed protected health information and paid kickbacks to health care professionals on behalf of a $1-million Medicare fraud scheme; this scheme involved the purported non-profit, The Good Samaritans of America, in December 2016. 
Kahl was sentenced to 13 months in prison May 13, 2019, as well as three years of supervised release and to pay restitution of $1.2 million.
“This is one great job by these two young ladies through their dedication and hard work,” said Freeholder Jeffrey Pierson June 25. Pierson oversees the Department of Aging and Disability Services.
Freeholder Vice-Director Leonard Desiderio, who oversees Consumer Affairs, said, “They (Consumer Affairs) do an excellent job. You really don’t hear about them but when someone has a problem, you contact them and they are right on it.
“It’s a small department here, within our government, and Dolores Rambo, what can I say? … Thank you. We’re so proud of both of you,” he continued.
In other action, the board:
* Appointed Annamarie DiDonato as senior purchasing assistant effective June 14, 2019.
* Authorized an agreement with the state Judiciary, Cape May Vicinage, Probation Division for a probation enrichment program “to incentivize probation youth to remain compliant in the program” in the amount of $5,000.
* A resolution urged the governor and Legislature to review the budget for the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs for Fiscal Year 2019, and to replace the funding at a level consistent with Fiscal Year 2018. Per the resolution, “communication with offices of local legislators confirmed the Fiscal Year 2019 budget provided $1 million less than the previous budget for veterans’ memorial home transportation and $200,000 less for National Guard support services …” Freeholders asked municipalities to join them in support of the resolution.
* Rejected bids for construction of eagle, capybara, and porcupine exhibits at the county Zoo, since all bids exceeded the original budget.
* Reappointed Nancy Ramundo, of Woodbine, to the Board of Education of the Special Services School District and the Vocational School District for a term of three years, to expire June 30, 2022.
* Rejected proposals for professional branding and marketing services for the county.
* Appointed Vicki Clark to represent Cape May County on the Cumberland/Salem/Cape May Workforce Development Board. The term expires June 30, 2022.
* Appointed Christopher Kobik to the Board of Education of the Special Services School District and the Vocational School District to fill the expired term of Anthony Anzelone, to expire June 30, 2022.
* Authorized the execution of a redevelopment agreement with the City of Wildwood, specifically Pacific Avenue.
* Established a no-parking zone along Landis Avenue in Sea Isle City and Commonwealth Avenue in Upper Township (C.R. 619). No person shall park in the indicated locations: Landis Avenue, east, the shoulder from 29th to 22nd streets in Sea Isle City and Commonwealth Avenue, west, the shoulder from 22nd Street in Sea Isle City to Putnam Avenue in Upper Township.
* Authorized a change order not to exceed $50,000 to Agate Construction Company, Inc., of Ocean View, for work on Townsend’s Inlet Bridge, to be paid on a per diem basis for authorized accelerated work opportunities to replace spans 1-7. According to the resolution, the freeholder board “is taking proactive steps to accelerate work phases in order to advance the revised opening date of the bridge by authorizing selected accelerated work items beyond the original contract work scope by issuance of this change order.”
* Modified existing no-passing zones along Landis Avenue in Sea Isle City and Commonwealth Avenue in Upper Township (C.R. 619). Centerline pavement stripes would be installed and no-passing zones established in both the northbound and southbound directions along C.R. 619 from 29th Street to Taylor Avenue.   
* Authorized modification to the 2018 Local Bridges Future Needs Program, eliminating the $575,000 grant request for Great Channel Bridge railing recoating, which was completed prior to the receipt of the grant, and rolling the funds over to 2019 Local Bridges Future Needs Program for the Townsend’s Inlet Bridge spans replacement project.    

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