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‘Free Little Art Gallery’ Brings Smiles in Town Bank

This “Free Little Art Gallery” can be found on Brookdale Road and Clubhouse Drive

By Karen Knight

TOWN BANK – Diana Cutshall hopes to bring people together and put a smile on their faces with the opening of her “Free Little Art Gallery” at the corner of Brookdale Road and Clubhouse Drive, in Town Bank.
An artist herself, Cutshall got the idea for the little gallery when visiting friends in the Seattle, Washington, area.
“The neighborhood I was visiting was holding an art walk, where artists could display and sell their wares. One artist had a small art gallery and told me what a great neighborhood asset it had become because it brought people together, it brought neighbors together, and had become a hub in the neighborhood,” Cutshall explained.
“I’ve always loved art. It’s what keeps me sane,” she said. “I thought it was a great idea and talked about it with my husband, who agreed. He got right on it and built the gallery for me.”
The gallery is 20-inches wide and 12-inches deep and holds a variety of artwork, including watercolors by Cutshall, photo tags, jewelry, and little figures.
“I am just thrilled with the response already,” she said. “It’s been amazing.”
She spoke of one of her neighbors telling her that they “just love that little gallery” in front of Cutshall’s house.
“She was smiling a big smile, which I just loved,” Cutshall added. “With the pandemic, people were so isolated. I feel like we still have that issue, so if I can bring people together for a happy reason, and they smile, or take something or give something, then that’s great.”
Cutshall said over the years she has done pottery and bead work, and is now learning how to paint with watercolors, which she really loves.
“It tickles me that some people have taken my little watercolors from the gallery because it means maybe I’m not so bad,” she said, laughing.
A small sign over the door of the gallery lists the simple rules: “First enjoy. Then feel free to take a piece or leave a piece – or both. Experimentation and imperfections are gladly accepted.”
“Once people see the gallery, they see what the scale is, so they know what size the items need to be,” Cutshall said.
Easels, benches and 6-inch patrons stay with the gallery.
“I always liked those free little libraries that have sprung up all over,” she said. “I like that this shares artwork with others. Over the years, I sold my artwork, but now I don’t want to do that. I want to give it to people who will appreciate it. So, I love checking the gallery every morning and evening to see what’s changed.” 
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