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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Wildwood Fire Department Reports October 2021 Statistics

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By Press Release

WILDWOOD – Members of the Wildwood City Fire Department responded to 307 fire and emergency medical-related incidents for the month of October 2021. 
According to a fire department release, members of the department also conducted 535 fire safety inspections for the month. 
The statistics for the month are as follows: 
Squad Company 3 responded to the following incidents: 
Fires (including building fires, cooking fires, rubbish fires, vehicle fires) – 2
Rescue/EMS (MVA’s, medical assists, elevator entrapments, water rescues) – 66 
Hazardous Conditions (gas leaks, electrical hazards, aircraft stand-by) – 21 
Service Calls (animal rescues, assist police department, public assists) – 12 
Good Intent Calls (smoke scares, odor of smoke, investigations with no incident) – 13 
False Alarm & False Calls (malfunctioning alarm systems, malicious alarms, unintentional alarms) – 27 
Total Engine Company Responses – 141
Ambulance 3 responded to the following incidents: 
Alcohol, drugs, overdose, toxins – 15 
Cardiac, chest pains, hypotension, hypertension – 9 
Bleeding, trauma, injuries, assaults – 17 
Weakness, malaise, sickness, dizziness, pain – 42 
Respiratory, shortness of breath, dyspnea – 14 
Seizure, stroke, neurological, unconscious, syncopal episodes, diabetic, hypoglycemic, altered mental status – 15 
Behavioral, depression, suicidal, anxiety, hallucination – 11 
General (DOA, fever, dehydration, allergic reaction, OB/Gyn.) – 43 
Total Emergency Medical Service Response – 166

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