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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Firefighters Battle Early Morning Crest Blaze

Crews from several fire departments battled an blaze in Wildwood Crest

By Press Release

WILDWOOD CREST – At approximately 1 a.m. July 6, Wildwood Crest Police were dispatched to 223 West Buttercup Rd., for a reported structure fire.
According to a release, upon arrival, officers observed flames and smoke coming from the roof of the residence. Sgt. Christopher Webb and Cpl. William Gianakopoulos immediately made entry into the residence, where they located and safely evacuated several occupants.
After evacuating those members, they were advised that two more adults were still in the upstairs bedroom. Both officers quickly reentered the building and proceeded upstairs. They were met by large flames on the second floor but quickly located the other two occupants and assisted them out of the residence. Officers then learned the family dog was still inside, and Webb, again, entered the residence, located the dog, and brought it out to safety.
Fire units from the Wildwood Crest Volunteer Fire Company, Wildwood Fire Company, North Wildwood Fire Company, and Rio Grande Fire Company arrived on scene and quickly brought the fire under control.
“I’m very proud of my officers for their work in assisting everyone out of the home and thankful that no one was severely injured,” stated Capt. Robert Lloyd, OIC for the Wildwood Crest Police Department. “I’d also like to commend the responding fire departments and EMS units for their work to quickly extinguish the fire and care for everyone on the scene,” he added.
All members of the residence received medical attention at the scene, with only minor injuries reported. The fire, as of July 7, remained under investigation by the Cape May County Fire Marshal’s Office.

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