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Fire Victims’ Pleas Bring Huge Response 3.22.2006

By Al Campbell

WHITESBORO – More than 35 contractors placed calls last week to the Kreola Bowen family, which lost everything in a Nov. 30, 2005 house fire, following a story here March 15 which reported they had no luck getting a contractor to rebuild their home at 509 W. Dunbar St.
 According to family spokesperson Regina Corbett, shortly after the paper hit the streets her phone began to ring.
 “We got 15 calls in one day, and 35 calls all together, “Corbett said.
 The family has been working with Anthony DiSimone of South Jersey Adjustment.
 They were assured that a check was ready, and all that was needed was a contractor to construct a new house.
 Corbett said the family plans a few more contractor interviews yesterday and today to “see which is the best.
 “We’ve got our minds set on one already,” said Corbett. “He was so nice, and said he can get the work done real fast.”
 That’s important, since the Bowens, Kreola, adult daughter Sonya Bowen, and youngsters Malik, 8, Mizani, 5 and Mashanti, 3 are living in a rented, one-room Wildwood apartment, and must vacate by May 1.
 Corbett said other Herald readers called, including “one man from Pennsylvania, who was visiting here and read the story.
 “He just wanted to call and said anything that we need to give him a call,” said Corbett.
 “It makes your heart tremble that there are people like that,” she said.
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