Sunday, February 25, 2024


Flooding Plaguing Lower Township

By Jack Fichter

FISHING CREEK — Freedom Drive resident Ken Bispels complained to Township Council Monday there has been 2 feet of water on his street in the Cape Crossings subdivision for more than five days.
“There’s more water in this town than anybody has seen in a lifetime,” said Mayor Michael Beck.
He said the flooding was coming from groundwater and there wasn’t much the township could do to manage the situation because it could not pump water from one property to another and flood that area.
Bispels said school buses could not use a portion of Freedom Drive, mail was not being delivered and “little old ladies can’t get out of their houses. Township Manager Kathy McPherson said drainage basins in the subdivision were full leaving nowhere for the water to drain.
The township pumped some water from a basin on Trotter Way into an open field.
“Is there any other township road currently that has 2 feet of water on it?” asked Bispels.
Councilman Glenn Douglass said the subdivision in which he lived had a common area full of water, something that hasn’t occurred in 20 years. He said water was filling basements and not draining from streets because the ground is so saturated.
McPherson said the township was obtaining maps from the County Engineer’s Office showing the elevations of neighborhoods in the event the township would undertake flood control measures.
Councilman Thomas Conrad said most properties in the northern end of Villas seemed to be underwater.

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