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Friday, April 12, 2024


Cape May Hears Reports on Beaches and Nuisance Flooding

Shown is a stock photo of a lifeguard boat on a Cape May beach in 2019.

By Vince Conti

CAPE MAY – The Coastal Research Center at Stockton University presented the Cape May City council with two reports Oct. 18. One dealt with work done by the center to determine the frequency, duration and magnitude of street flooding at six locations in the city. The other was on the stability of the beaches compared to their status in 2016.
The beaches have fared well, Center Director Dr. Steward Farrell told the council. Looking at shoreline and sand volume changes, the report showed the beaches stable to the accretion of sand particularly south of Madison Avenue. The dunes have increased in height and volume at 8 of 10 sites. Farrell noted that the sand accretion benefits from the periodic beach fills done by the Army Corps of Engineers. 
Nuisance flooding in the city remains problematic. The center’s report states that there were 65 events of water depth of 0.5 feet in the streets from November 3, 2021, to May 12, 2022. Locations on Elmira Street accounted for 14 of the 65 instances. Gravity drainage systems are hampered by the flat nature of the city terrain. Data was collected on the depth and duration of street flooding through the use of HOBO water pressure sensors installed at key locations for a six-month period. 
City officials said they are making an effort to keep outfall pipes clean and unobstructed. There is also an ongoing task to repair one of the pumps that, when operating correctly, may alleviate some of the Elmira Street flooding. 

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