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Saturday, May 18, 2024


Murphy Announces Applications for $75.6M to Further Enhance Career and Technical Education

Gov. Phil Murphy 

By Press Release

TRENTON – Gov. Phil Murphy Sept. 10 announced the availability of a second round of grant applications to further enhance career and technical education (CTE) in county vocational-technical high school districts and county colleges in New Jersey.
According to a governor’s office release, these grants are supported by $500 million in bonds authorized by the Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act, which New Jersey voters approved in November 2018. 
Of the total $500 million authorized in the Bond Act, $275 million was allocated for CTE expansion grants in county vocational-technical school districts and $50 million to county colleges. The remaining Bond Act funds were to be used for security projects and water infrastructure in K-12 schools. 
“Making these additional funds available is part of our administration’s key priorities to ensure more New Jerseyans have equitable access to high-paying, in-demand careers that will fuel our innovation economy now and through our pandemic recovery,” stated Murphy. 
“The career and technical education programs we’re establishing today will provide greater options for students tomorrow,” stated Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillian, acting commissioner of education. “These programs will provide the skills that young people need to thrive in today’s global economy.”  
“We recognize how crucial these additional funds are to further support our community colleges in delivering high-quality educational experiences and equipping students with in-demand skills,” stated Secretary of Higher Education Dr. Brian Bridges. “We look forward to collaborating with our community college partners to ensure these critical public investments pave the way for students’ success and New Jersey’s economic recovery.” 
In the first round of Bond Act CTE grants announced in July, the New Jersey Department of Education (DOE) awarded $222.9 million to county vocational school districts, and the Office of Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE) awarded $26.5 million to county colleges.
The second round of grant applications announced today will continue to expand CTE programs. Nearly $52.1 million in grant funding administered by the DOE will be available to county vocational-technical high schools, and $23.5 million administered by the OSHE will be available to county colleges.  
The Bond Act allocations for county vocational school districts will fund renovations and new construction to increase student capacity in high-demand CTE programs. Funds will cover related demolition, site improvements and physical plant upgrades, and furniture and equipment in renovated, reassigned, or new spaces related to county vocational CTE program expansion.
The Bond Act funds for county colleges will be used to construct or expand classrooms, laboratories, libraries, computer facilities, and other academic structures to increase CTE program capacity.  
County vocational-technical school districts and county colleges have until Feb. 14, 2022, to apply for the grants. For more information on the grant applications, including timelines, eligibility requirements, and application materials, visit the DOE’s website, as well as OSHE’s website.  

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