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Saturday, June 15, 2024


MTHS Seniors to Receive Associate Degrees Through Early College Program

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By Press Release

COURT HOUSE – Seventeen Middle Township High School seniors have applied for graduation at Atlantic Cape Community College this spring.  

According to a release, these students are Middle Township High School’s first group of early college students and will leave MTHS not only fulfilling their high school requirements, but also leaving with an associate degree.  

The Early College High School program is an initiative that offers dual enrollment for students, giving them a head start in their pursuit of a college degree. The courses are offered at a reduced price, so students can earn degrees for a fraction of what it would cost to attend after graduation.    

Currently, MTHS offers 21 dual-credit courses with Atlantic Cape and seven with Stockton University. Overall, the courses provide 88 achievable college credits through the dual pathway.   

Students have multiple opportunities to take these classes. MTHS offers concurrent courses where college professors can come into the classrooms or through online means to instruct students. Students are also able to take advantage of participating in classes directly with Atlantic Cape on campus and remotely.   

“Our partnership with Atlantic Cape provides our students with the opportunity to enter universities and college with an advantage, in terms of college readiness, credits completed, and money saved while working to complete an undergraduate degree,” stated Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Toni Lehman.   

Dr. Barbara Gaba, president, Atlantic Cape Community College, said that she is proud of our partnerships with area high schools, including Middle Township High School.  

“This partnership provides students an opportunity to take part in the college experience while attending high school,” stated Dr. Gaba. “I am excited to see the students graduate from Middle Township High School and college in the same year.” 

“The fact that 17 students from our high school are going to graduate with an associate degree from college is incredible,” stated Board President Dennis Roberts. “The savings for the parents and the education for the students, this achievement is something worth celebrating.”  

Middle Township High School is one of 17 schools that participate in the Early College Program with Atlantic Cape Community College, who signed on to the program in November 2019. 

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