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Wednesday, July 17, 2024



By Rick Racela

Why is it when you see the president rolling off Air Force One after a cross continental flight he looks refreshed and ready for action?
Just once I’d like to see his hair a little wacky looking from his snooze on board while the plane flew 18 hours from Bangkok to Washington, DC.
Wouldn’t it be great to see Bush step through the doors of the plane and wave to the crowd wearing his pajamas?
Maybe just the cloth eye covers that block out the light tucked up on his forehead.
Welcome back, Prez.
The Church of the Resurrection in Marmora is sponsoring a trip to see Cirque Dreams on July 17.
The Mature Adults Club will be leaving from the church parking lot at 10:30 a.m. for the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. Isn’t that where all mature adults should be heading?
Call Joe at 609-624-1110 for details. Of course you get $10 in coin to spend while you are there.
The South Seaville United Methodist Church is holding a Country Mouse Flea Market on June 24 from 9 a.m. – p.m.
There will be food, music, and tables of great stuff to comb through looking for that one special item that’s been collecting dust in someone else’s attic.
Call Becky at 609-463-0144 for anything else you need to know.
There’s table space available for some of your dusty stuff someone else would love to have.
What’s your kid doing this summer?
Kelli Martino is heading up to the Governor’s School at Rutgers University.
This is a great opportunity for Kelli to experience dorm life.
Nothing could be finer than to be in New Brunswick in the summer.
Kelli will enjoy some time in a college setting and get a sneak peek at the engineering program at RU. Go Scarlet Knights.
The Municipal Alliance Summer Peer Leadership Program has its roster in place.
This group of middle school kids will enjoy some fun this summer with their advisors Ms. Frank and Ms. Handler.
Twenty kids including: Veronica Walters, Devon Konczyk, Anna Ay, Ken Robertson, Katie Givens, Tom Gilrane, Mike Pyffer, Andrew Snyder, Adrian Brown.
Also Zack Brittingham, Kyle Steenland, Rayvn Connor, Tina Ferry, Brea Woodson, Kelsey Bradley, Meg Langrell, Emily Ennis, Jacob Enright, Mike Ciccotelli and Aulora Anderson will participate in a program geared toward building leadership skills.
Frank and Handler have a healthy dose of enthusiasm to help this group have a great experience.
It’s not too late to sign up for Mr. Sobrinski’s summer hoops program that kicks off in July.
Give Sobrinski a call at 609-390-9567 and let him know your pick and roll needs a little work.
The county library system is excited about all their new programs this summer.
Clifford the Big Red Dog will be stopping by the branches during July.
There’s a dinosaur hunt and children’s theater presented by the Traveling Lantern Theatre Company.
Everyone’s favorite, Steve Serwaka will be at the library with his live animals – furry, scaly, and feathered.
As if that wasn’t enough, Spot will visit the library and Benjamin Gauthier, educational musician will perform as well.
Call your local branch or the main Cape May Courthouse branch at 609-463-6350 for the dates these events will be at your branch.
July is a busy month to be a librarian.
Don’t be afraid to stop by the senior center any day of the week for some action.
Call Roe at 609-861-3137 to see what’s happening.
Pinochle is Wednesday afternoons.
Shore Shot All Star Basketball Camp application should be in your kid’s book bag.
Check inside at the bottom or call 609-463-0676.
There’s a lot to do this summer, get your kid involved with something and the summer will breeze by.
Until next week, call me with your stuff.
Did your kid get an award at graduation? Let me know.
How’s your garden look? Keep those hummingbird feeders clean and you’ll be amazed at the number of birds you’ll see.

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