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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Dennis 6.7.2006

By Rick Racela

You want to know the real signs of summer’s arrival?
You know the usual signs: mosquitoes, barbeques, and humidity. How about the long lines at the Acme, the roar of the crowd at a Township baseball game, and, last but not least, the traffic.
I knew summer was off to a wild start when an out-of-town driver passed me on Gravel Hole Road.
Please remind your kids to be very careful bike riding and playing in their normally peaceful neighborhood. 
The nine to 12 year old girls’ softball teams are having a great year. The Dolphins and the Sharks have enjoyed a busy season thanks to their coaches Mr. Tice and Mr. Walters.
These two teams were all part of the Dolphins last year. Tice and Walters wanted to give more girls the opportunity to participate in softball so they divided the team into two groups.
The decision paid off and the girls have all reaped the rewards. Once again, the efforts of volunteers that coach, officiate, and help maintain our fields make our recreational programs successful.
Softball sluggers include Kristina Startare’s grand slam and Samantha McCarthy’s homerun for the Dolphins.
How about your slugger? Baseball coaches send me some news. 
Summer Camp is just around the corner, and there is plenty of action at the recreation center.
Sign ups for cheerleading and football take place during the month of July. Don’t miss out if your kid wants to be on the gridiron in the fall.
Chuck Dalrymple’s cross country gang is logging some miles on the trail at the recreation center these days. Lots of huffing and puffing but these kids are getting in great shape. They’ll have a leg up when it comes to fall sports next year.
Summer basketball season is a township favorite. There is plenty of hoop action under the lights. Join the fun weeknights this summer at the outdoor courts.
Mrs. Stein, Mrs. Novakowski and Ms. Kieninger have joined forces with their students and are participating in the Memory Project, a mission to bring books to kids in war torn Uganda.
This project will allow children, who flock to shelters for some sense of security and relief, the opportunity to learn how to read and enjoy the illustrations.
The second grade is learning about Africa and this will help our students learn about the continent beyond lions and giraffes.
If you would like to learn more about this project our students have been involved in, please check out their web site for details.
Congratulations to Bethany Dowling and Samantha Mooers for earning the Girl Scout Silver Award, the highest award a Cadet Scout can earn.
This level of Girl Scouting focuses on challenging girls to excel in leadership, service, and self-development.
Just when you were thinking the Boy Scouts cornered the market on activities, along come the Girl Scouts. Scouting is a great activity for any kid.
Is your kid involved? Let me know what the troop is doing.
Remember, Public Works wants your trash curbside by 6 a.m. 
That’s how the expression “Garbage Night” evolved. It’s way too early to wake up on “Garbage Day” to get the cans to the street, so you have to put them out the night before.
Raccoons and stray dogs all around the township are delighted.
Graduation night is approaching for the eighth grade.
Middle Township Performing Art Center is the venue for this event on June 13, which starts at 6 p.m.
This year’s graduates will enjoy the traditional 8th grade dance at the Golden Inn on June 11.
Take that graduation gown out of the bag so the wrinkles start to fall out – nobody likes to iron 100% polyester.
Congratulations to Maura Lappin for her acceptance at Kean University.
Maura will head up to North Jersey, my old stomping grounds, next fall with a cross country scholarship in her back pocket.
That’s as good for her parents as it is for her. Can you say, “College tuition?”
Until next week, call me with your stuff.
Drive carefully, the weekend streets are full of people in a hurry. What’s the rush?
Memorial Day weekend saw a record number of impatient drivers lined up on Courthouse/South Dennis Road pulling wild U-turns. One of those U-turns resulted in tragedy for a couple of local kids riding their bikes.
Keep a good thought for the girls involved in the weekend accident.
Call me. Check your birdbath, might be time for a rinse.

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