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Monday, May 20, 2024


Dennis 5.3.2006

By Rick Racela

The sound of the lawn mower has replaced the drone of the leaf blower, which seemed to be heard around town well past its usual season, autumn.
You can look out your window one day and your yard looks green and full of color from forsythia, daffodils, tulips and a wide range of flowering trees.
Suddenly, practically overnight, the lawn becomes a wild carpet of grass and weeds that have no boundaries.
Then the sound of the neighbor’s John Deere firing up sends another chill down your spine.  Think how bad your yard is going to look next to your neighbor’s nicely coiffed turf. 
Don’t cave to the neighborhood landscape pressure. Your day will come. Now the big question is, will the lawn mower start?
The Hawk baseball and softball teams are off to a good start.
Baseball’s home opener was a winner against Egg Harbor City.  The next game against Ventnor was an opportunity to play against some strong pitching. 
The boys are doing a great job. 
Shane Dietrich is hurling some heat from the mound.
Great job, Hawks. 
The girl’s softball team, coached by Mrs. Leatherwood and Ms. Paterson, have a talented team on the field.
Their home opener against Ventnor was an impressive win, battling back from 6-0 in the second inning. Ventnor’s grand slam in the first didn’t dampen the spirits of our team.
The girls played tough and won the game 14-6.  Stop by the field for a home game and see what all the excitement is about.
April’s Hawks of the Month are Devon Konczyk, Colt Dietrich, Brea Woodson, Andrew Snyder, Chris Warning and Allison Langrell. 
These middle school students are selected by their homeroom teachers and have displayed good citizenship in school. 
These were tough choices since the building is filled with such great kids.
Recreational baseball and softball are in full swing. Opening days have passed and there are some great athletes playing sports for our township.
Hey coaches, how’s your team doing so far? 
Call me and let me know. Give me a gnat report at the fields.
The complex looks great thanks to public works. You can help keep the complex looking good by remembering your Gatorade bottle or your soda can when you finish watching your kid’s game. Every little bit helps.
The walking trail is seeing more traffic these days, morning and night.
Just another reason our township is one of the best places to live in the state – the Recreation Center.
Please call me with your kids batting average or latest stats from the game.
The Upper Township “Hoops” Basketball Camp is ready to start registering kids for the program. The camp runs during July for girls and boys grades three-eight.
Call 628-3343 to get information on a great way to build your kid’s skills and enjoy learning some hoops fundamentals.
The Senior Center is as busy as ever.  Call Roe at 861-3137 for all the gory details. 
Line dancing anyone?  See you Friday at the center.
The eighth grade parents are planning the graduation party. Don’t miss out on the plans. 
The next meeting is May 17 at 7 p.m. in the Academy Road school library.
Troop 56 will sponsor their annual yard sale on May 6 in the parking lot of Yo Dude! Surf Shop on Route 9. The auction will take place that evening at the Primary School with doors opening at 4 p.m.  Don’t miss this chance to support our local scout troop.
Listen, my friends and neighbors, you are my source for information.  The summer is coming and my pipeline flow will slow to its annual trickle. 
Call me, even if you see something interesting around town. 
Remember what the British Philosopher Herbert Spencer said, “The aim of education is not knowledge, but action.” 
Let’s try and make that work within the crushed budget.  Call me.

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