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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Dennis 5.17.2006

By Rick Racela

What scares you more: Iran having nuclear power, the federal government raising interest rates, the proposed cuts in the school district budget, or the construction site at Routes 47 and 83?
You know where I stand, and it’s not cutting student supplies purchased by the district. 
Isn’t it an end of the summer ritual for your kid to drag you to Staples and stock up on pens and pencils to start the school year? Throw in a Trapper Keeper and you’re good to go.
Both schools in the district enjoyed a “dress down day” earlier this month to help raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
Kathy Lucey, first grade teacher who inspires students everyday, was the motivation for the school district. Lucey walked in the MS fundraiser in Ocean City on May 7.
The district raised $265 and had the opportunity to wear dungarees to school for the day. Looks like nobody lost in this case.
It’s time to plan your kid’s summer extra-curricular activities. If you didn’t get into summer camp this year don’t worry, there are all kinds of activities going on in our area: soccer camps, basketball camps, Boy Scout camps, the list goes on and on. 
Here’s something a little different, “Authors are Awesome” writing camp. This guaranteed fun, interactive and challenging approach to writing meets in four different sessions.
Call 463-1900 ext. 1216 to sign up for this new twist on summer fun.
Check the book bag for a red flyer with all the details.
May 23 is early registration for summer basketball.  Don’t miss the summer hoop sign ups. This recreation program is tops in my book.
A relaxing night out under the court lights, well relaxing only if you’re not coaching. Remember, the Basketball Association is always hard at work. Join the fun and volunteer to referee a few games.
More basketball than you can believe is going on. Upper Township Hoops Camp, better known around here as, Jeff Sobrinski’s Basketball Camp, is starting in July. Call Jeff at 390-9567.
Anchors aweigh for Kyle Dougherty. Dougherty has been accepted at the State University of New York Maritime College. Kyle will major in Marine Transportation and starts school in September.
Here’s a shout out to the May Hawks of the Month in the middle school.
Sixth grade is represented by Zach Blum and Kristina Startare.
Devon Lappin and Lou Stella are the seventh grade representatives.
Katie Campbell and Adam Fincke recieved this honor for the eighth grade class.
Troop 56 can sure throw a yard sale and auction. The troop broke all its fund raising records by raising $5,600 recently. 
Thank you to everyone who supported these hard-working scouts. 
Special thanks to Yo Dude Surf and Skate Shop for the sweet location at another one of my favorite intersections.
Stop by the public meeting being held on Tuesday, May 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the municipal building if you’d like to share your thoughts with the township committee on the proposed cuts to salvage the school budget.
Just remember, the number of people voting in the first place was pretty weak, so if you didn’t get out to vote there are no hard feelings, but take advantage of this opportunity to be part of the process.
Visit the senior center any day of the week and you’re sure to find something to do. I had the quarterly treat of visiting the kind folks in the tax office recently.
It’s such a nice feeling when you walk into our town hall and see who’s keeping the township on top.
Nice job everyone.  The azalea bushes in front of the building were looking amazing this spring, a monster wall of white.
The School House Museum is waiting for visitors. You know Bobbi has more info than you can shake a stick at, a stick carved from some local cedar, I bet.
It’s hard to believe there is so much township history tucked inside of that small building. 
Thanks to Bobbi Babbitt you can research any aspect of our township: buildings, families, famous landmarks, and everything in between. Stop by for a visit.
If they axe field trips for students, the School House Museum will be the hot ticket. Why not take advantage of an elementary school classroom visit right up the street with no fuss, no muss, and no bus.
Call me with your stuff. Come on baseball parents, who hit the latest triple?
Call me, please.

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