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Thursday, July 25, 2024


Dennis – 5-24-2006

By Rick Racela

It’s a sort of in between time of year as far as produce shopping goes. You know, the roadside stands aren’t pushing the fresh stuff yet and the Acme has their usual selection of quality produce shipped from across the country. 
Nothing beats a tomato that has been sitting on a truck for the past four days.
I find myself examining the plastic packs of strawberries like a New York jeweler checking a diamond’s cut, color and clarity. I know there’s a fuzzy one somewhere at the bottom.
Did you plant any vegetables?  Call me and let me know how your garden’s doing.
The Environmental Commission is hosting a Backyard Habitat Earth Day Project at the Municipal Complex on Saturday, June 10.
Folks who attend will learn how to construct a deer fence, create a path, and prepare gardens.  Native, drought tolerant plants will be the focus for this earth-friendly habitat.
Grab your scout troop, friends or neighbors and head over.  For information on times, etc. call Sue at 624-0052 or Eileen at 624-3073. 
As long as you have your garden gloves on, swing over to the Primary School and help with the Julianne Dilmore Memorial Garden project on the same day.  Call 861-2821 ext. 602 for the best way you can be involved.
Nothing’s more rewarding than planting something and watching it grow. Check out the white vines the Peer Leaders planted last year at the Primary School; they look great. 
Speaking of Peer Leaders, a group of seven made the trip out to the VFW in Belleplain for some community service.  Jacob Enright, Adrian Brown, Kolin Prosser, Brea Woodson, Mike Ciccotelli and Steven Radcliffe helped spruce up the grounds of the VFW last week.
This is a good opportunity for these kids to give something back to their community. The group took a short tour of the Memorial Cemetery across the street and saw some familiar names. There was some local history taken in along with some hard work.
Congratulations to Sallyjean Stein and Pat Novakowski, teachers at our Primary School, for winning scholarships to Farleigh Dickinson University to train in Multisensory Reading. 
These staff members will be receiving extensive training on the Orton Gillingham Reading Method.  See Spot run.
Once again Melinda Haig has given a little piece of herself to help an important cause. Haig donated nine and a half inches to Locks of Love, who has received hair from Melinda twice and shampoo companies everywhere are feeling the pinch.
The Haig family grows thick, beautiful hair and generously gives it charity. Ray Haig was sporting a monster afro and gave it up for the same cause. 
Middle Township High School will host an Honors Information Night on May 24 at 6:30 in the MTHS cafeteria. 
The meeting is designed to help current eighth grade students and parents understand the Freshman honors program. Beware! The summer assignments will be handed out. If you have questions or need more info call 465-1852 ext 506.
Hey, everybody needs a good book to read on the beach. As far as summer math goes, sand, surf and algorithms just don’t add up. Pass the sunscreen, and my protractor.
The adventure just keeps getting more exciting at Route 47 and 83.  Proceed slowly it’s scary. 
Stop by Captain Tate’s for your crabs and bait – it’s somewhat frightening getting in and out of the parking lot, but let’s face it, it always was.
Congratulations to Shannon McDevitt, Colt Dietrich, Chris Bossert, Sadie Robertson, Kaylyn Goranson and Mark Rinkus for their outstanding performance in the All South Jersey Honors Band Concert recently.                                                         
The Sobrinski Players are gearing up for their annual show.
This year “The American Revolution 1763-1789” will be performed as an opera.  That’s right Pavorotti. On Wednesday, June 7 the fifth grade will be belting out the story of the Revolution.
Showtimes are 9:05 a.m. and 10:05 a.m., 11:50 a.m. and 1:45 p.m. Don’t miss this talented group of singers. 
Thank you Township Committee for putting your nose to the grindstone and getting the budget situation settled. 
Call me with your stuff.
Until next week, clean your birdbath and refill those hummingbird feeders.

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