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Dennis 4.12.2006

By Rick Racela

It seems there is a new style of reality television these days, which involves celebrities and profession-als working together. 
You have the figure skaters with “star” part-ners, there are the ballroom dancers, and now it’s chefs in the kitchen with celeb-rity assistants.
That’s great until your dentist and oral hygienist start thinking about bring-ing John Stamos in to as-sist on your root canal. 
How about Farrah Faw-cett assisting on an angio-plasty with Wayne Newton as the anesthesiologist? Now, that I’ll tune in for.
The Hawk baseball team is ready to take to the dia-mond. Be sure you stop by Field One at 3:45 p.m. to catch a home game. 
This year’s roster in-cludes Greg Frank, Ryan Nesbitt, Bryan Palumbo, Shane Dietrich, Brandon Anderson, Josh Standeven, James Potte, Bryan Glass-ford, Lou Stella, Ben Gardner, Ricky Bailey, Rich Laughlin, Colt Dietrich, Sean Curry and Shane Willis. 
Good Luck, boys. 
Another talented group of athletes taking to the field this year to represent the Hawks are the Hawk softball team.
Members are Devon Appleyard, Alison DiDo-nato, Kelsea Duma,  Steph Fowler, Tamara Gonnam, Morgan Howard, Alison Kelly, Erin Kelly, Emily Marques, Morgan Mars-den, Sam McCarthy, Sadie Robertson, Samantha Szathmary, Alison Tice, Jess Versage, Allie and Veronica Walters. 
Along with their gloves and spikes, this group of softball players will be bringing years of experi-ence to the field with them.
Good luck, girls. Go Hawks.
The Mature Adults Club from the Church of the Resurrection in Marmora love taking trips to the Tropicana Casino.
On Tuesday, May 2 you will find this active group heading up to Atlantic City to see the show, “Best of Broadway.”
Contact Joe at 624-1110 for all the details.
Bus leaves the church at 11 a.m. There may be time for a pull or two at the slots.                                                 
This year our music de-partment, headed by Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Dunlap, will be sending six students to the All South Jersey Elementary Honors Band.
  Each year this district sends talented students to represent all the musicians in our school.
Playing this year with the Royal Band are Shan-non McDevitt, Sadie Robertson, Kaylyn Goran-son and Mark Rinkus.
Joining the Imperial Band will be Colt Dietrich and Chris Bossert.
This year’s concert will be held at the Williams-town High School.
Congratulations to our former student Haley Tomlin for her first place win at the State Agris-cience Fair recently. 
Haley’s project on the Effects of Stratification on apple seeds was selected as the top experiment.
Her experiment was complete with hypothesis, results and conclusion, which are all the makings of a great science experi-ment. 
It’s nice to see our stu-dents going on to high school, successfully.
The Student Govern-ment enjoyed some role- play with the Board of Education recently.
Students participating in the event were Katie Giv-ens, Mark Rinkus, Sadie Robertson, Marti Ham-mell, Ben Gardner, Katie Moran, Alison DiDonato, Alison Tice and Nick Crippen.
You may recognize some of these names be-cause their parents, at one time or another, were the “Real McCoy.”
Nick Crippen was elected as the board presi-dent and all the student members discussed and voted on two issues. 
First, what they would cut from the school budget during a crisis: shop or technology? 
Sorry all you wood workers, the band saw was axed in a five-to-four deci-sion. 
The next question they had to wrestle with was school uniforms.  Uni-forms were voted down by the same margin, five to four.
Those fun Back-to-School shopping trips to the mall are not in jeop-ardy. Thank goodness.
March Madness reached a fever pitch in the school gym for Mr. Hammell’s annual Hot Shot competi-tion. 
This year had an added twist. Former students participated with their younger siblings. 
The third place winners were brothers, Conner and Jordan Dean, second place went to Tyler and John Robertson and first place winners this year were the hottest shooters around: brothers, Tim and Kyle Dougherty. 
It should be noted that Anthony and Al DiCicco were in a shoot-out for third place against the Dean brothers. I think youth may have played a part in the Shoot-Out re-sults.
Until next week, stop by Pembrook Farms and check out the indoor riding ring.
Call me with your stuff. Also, plan on voting April 18, one way or another.

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