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Dennis 3.22.2006

By Rick Racela

I can’t believe it took researchers this long to realize people are driving around hepped up on prescription medications.
The increase in prescription drug use in this country is in direct correlation to the number of poor drivers on the road.
When you see someone pull a maneuver, the famous middle of the road U-turn comes to mind, and you think to yourself, “What’s this guy on drugs?”
The answer is probably, yes – prescription drugs.
Why does a drug company feel they have to tell people not to use their sleep aid before driving or operating heavy machinery?
They know why.
People don’t think.
Add a good cell phone conversation to the mix and we’re lucky any of us makes it safely from point A to point B.
What’s more conducive to sleep than a prescription medication and talking on the phone? 
All you need is the living room couch and it lights out.
The Dennis Township Chamber of Commerce invites you to attend an informational meeting about the changes taking place in our township.
“Smart Growth and the Town Center Designation in Dennis Township” is the topic for the evening.
These designated centers have been approved by township committee, so it’s pretty close to being “chiseled in stone.”
Call Kim Schiela at 624-0990 for info.
I hope the mess on Route 9 just south of Route 83 isn’t anyone’s idea of  Smart Growth.
Boy, won’t it be fun risking life and limb to get on or off Route 83 this summer?
Pass me my No-Doz and Jolt cola.
The county will be holding a “Paper Shred Day” on March 25 from 1-3 p.m. at the Municipal Complex.
This is a trial program for residents who want to bring any paper that should be shredded.
Call Clarence Ryan or Vernon Champion 867-5309 for any other info.
Funny how this coincides with tax-season.
The playground at the Primary School should be user-friendly by the time we get back from Spring Break.
Nothing like a huge, primary colored elephant to blend in with the natural setting at the Primary School.
Just when you were starting to forget what a beautiful empty field that was, pre-construction, along comes the playground equipment to serve as a reminder.
Thank for the memories.
Congratulations to Jessie Mooers, outstanding athlete from our township.
Jessie made it onto the CAL Second Team as a freshman forward after an outstanding season as a Panther basketball player.
You probably recognize Jessie’s name from summer basketball season, school ball and the township traveling hoop team.
Lots of basketball for a freshman, but it looks like the hard work is paying off.
There will be a baseball/softball coaches meeting on March 22 and an umpire’s clinic on April 12 at the rec.
Give them a call at 861-1045 for more info.
The umpire’s clinic sounds like a good thing for anyone planning on officiating any of the action.
Heaven knows, there’s a lot of action during the season.
How about the School House Museum giving the American Red Cross a shout out to celebrate Red Cross Month.
That’s a great way to show support for a hard working organization.
Nice props.
Speaking of hard-working, stop by and check out the new displays at the museum.
Eighth grade graduation is right around the corner, believe it or not.
If you’re a parent interested in helping with the traditional graduation party, stop in at any of the scheduled meetings.
There’s one on March 22 (that’s tonight if you’re reading this on Wednesday) and there are three others slated for April 26, May 17 and June 8.
Call Sue Gonnam at 861-0451 to get involved.
The middle school Hawks of the Month will be recognized at the April 5 Board of Education meeting.
Picking up their awards that night will be Abreialle Germanio, Nick Pettit, Gregg Carr, Kelly Edmunds, Connor Dean and Kati Moran. 
Did you miss the Great American Meat-Out on March 20?
If you missed this opportunity to go meat-free for one day, try it tomorrow.
Now, pass me my Lucky Strikes and let’s talk sacrifice.  Go, Lent.
Until next week, make it over to town hall on Fridays, 10 – 11:30 a.m. for some Senior Tax Assistance by my favorite senior – my mother.
Be sure to bring last year’s info and this year’s paperwork.
Guess what? She does my taxes, too.
When was that Paper Shredding Event?
Call me with your stuff.

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