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Thursday, July 25, 2024


Dennis 3.15.2006

By Rick Racela

I just discovered the true meaning of March Madness.
Sure the college basketball season is in full swing, but more maddening than that – my 18- year-old kid is in Florida for her college spring break.
Not just any town in Florida, Fort Lauderdale.
It’s quite a feeling.
It seems like just yesterday I was dropping her off at nursery school, and I was assuring her she would be okay as I peeled her off my leg.
Next thing I know, I’m standing curbside at Philadelphia Airport and she’s peeling me off her leg, assuring me I’ll be okay.
Boy, how time flies.
The February Hawks of the Month were honored at the March Board of Ed meeting.
The students representing the sixth grade are from Mrs. Pettit’s homeroom and include, Morgan Howard and Eric Ulbrich.
Ms. Barrett selected Laura Flunn and Tyler Van Osten as seventh grade Hawks and Christine Caraballo and Jeff Hamer round out the group from Mrs. Leatherwood’s eighth grade homeroom. 
This program has had great success thanks to the Dennis Township Municipal Alliance. 
The Alliance has a new coordinator this year, Monica DiVito.  You may recognize Monica’s name as one of the school’s guidance counselors. 
After being selected as the Municipal Alliance’s Volunteer of the Year for 2005, DiVito was a natural to take over as the township’s coordinator. 
The Hawks of the Month will enjoy a trip to the Sandcastle this spring for a day of baseball with the Atlantic City Surf. 
This is one of the best field trips of the year and an annual treat for the students picked as Hawk of the Month. 
Peter Cottontail’s getting his tail fluffed and his ears starched for April 9. 
He’s hoping to see you at the rec center for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. 
The fun starts at 1 p.m. and is open to hunters in fourth grade and younger.  Bring your basket and join the fun.
The Spring Soccer Clinics are back. Stop by the rec or download a registration form from the township website,
Clinics run on March 18, 25 and April 1 at the rec complex.
Uncle Sam is knocking at the door.  Don’t sweat it. Senior Citizen tax help is available each Friday from 10-11:30 a.m. at town hall. 
Get your stuff together from last year and head over. Don’t forget this year’s paperwork.
Remember, school board elections and the budget vote take place on April 18 during the school district’s spring break. 
If you’re one of the lucky folks that heads out of town, be sure to pick up an absentee ballot.
You can learn what it’s all about by attending one of the budget presentations taking place around town. 
Monday, March 27 at 7 p.m. at the Oceanview Fire Hall is the first of several opportunities to get up close and personal with the budget process.  Can you say “spread sheet?” 
I hope you made it to one of the Family Fun Nights sponsored by the Home School Association. 
The community turned out to support this group’s effort to provide fun family entertainment.
Speaking of community turn out, how about that Reading Rumpus?  What a great way to bring teachers, administrators, politicians, parents and kids together for an evening of reading. 
Nothing beats a good book to get kids and adults sitting together and sharing some time. 
Okay, the Cape Harmonaires, cookies and milk didn’t hurt.
Thanks to Greta Liston, one of the Primary School’s  first grade teachers, for organizing the event every year.
Believe it or not, June is just around the corner.  The eighth grade parents aren’t waiting until the last minute to plan the graduation dance. 
Planning sessions are scheduled for April 26, May 17 and June 8. 
The meetings will take place in the school library at 7p.m. 
This end of the year dance is sponsored by the parents of the graduates so they can use all the help they can get. Watch the bookbag for more info.
Congratulations to the township girls varsity basketball team, The Bulldogs. 
This talented group of athletes includes Katie Appleyard, Steph Fowler, Tamara Gonnam, Maranda Holcomb, Sarah Iwananowycz, Erin Kelly.
Also Samantha McAleer, Danielle O’Conner, Devon Schmolk and Jessica Versage. 
Coached to the Championship by Dave Gonnam and Brian O’Connor, these girls had a great season and enjoyed the fruits of their labors.  
Talent in the township is spread around. 
The Boys’ Varsity Bulldog Team won their Championship as well. 
The roster includes some familiar names.  Recognize any of these? 
Connor Dean, Anthony DiCicco, Tim Dougherty, Jacob Enright, Bryan Glassford, Jeff Hamer, Bryan Palumbo, Matt Riggitano, Tyler Robertson and Andrew Symuleski. 
That’s a lot of seventh and eighth grade talent in one township. Thank goodness it our township.
Until next week remember what Baba Dioum said:
“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught.” 
Hey, I wonder how Baba did on his GEPA test. 
Call me with your stuff.

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