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Thursday, July 25, 2024


Dennis 2.22.2006

By Rick Racela

Well, there’s pile driving, talking on cell phones while driv-ing, bad driving and going to fast driving, taking place at the con-struction site on Rt 47.
What a treat to have this added to my daily commute.
The trooper’s flashing lights don’t seem to be scaring anybody.
Okay, maybe some people are slowing down and a few of the construction workers look pretty nervous, but that’s about it. 
It’s time for the annual Reading Rumpus at the Pri-mary School.
March 7 is the night our school hosts an evening of adults reading to kids.
Thanks to Greta Liston’s hard work and planning, our community can come together and enjoy a great activity – reading.
Plan on joining the “readers” and pajama-clad lis-teners between 6:45 – 8:30p.m. for some good ‘ol fashioned story-telling fun.
The traditional fare, milk and cookies will be served.
Call 861-2821 ext 500 for any additional info.  
In keeping with the book theme, the elementary school will host the Book Fair that same evening be-tween 5:30 and 7:30pm.
That gives you plenty of time to grab a new book and head over to the Rumpus.
Books, books, everywhere. 
The Church of the Resurrection in Marmora is sponsoring a trip to the Tropicana to see a Tribute to the Rat Pack.
The trip is March 21 and de-parts from the church parking lot at 11:30a.m.
Call Joe at 624-1110.
Fly me to the moon… 
In an effort to promote exercising one of our great-est rights as American citizens – the vote, the school district is sponsoring a voter registration drive.
The following dates are set for you to register; Feb 23, 24 and 25 at the Primary School on Hagan Road.
Call 861-0549 for more info.  Budget time is always a busy time of year for the school district.  Be sure to attend one of the many budget presenta-tions being given to help folks un-derstand the im-portance of a school budget.  Learn the positive effect a passed budget can have on the district and the detrimental effect a failed budget can have.
Presentations will be on the following dates; March 27 at the Oceanview Fire Hall, March  29 at the Belleplain VFW  and April 11 in the elementary school.  Remember, an informed voter is well – a voter who knows what the heck they’re vot-ing for (or against.)
LaCrosse is back.
Girls in grades three to eight are eligible to play in the Cape May County LaCrosse League.  Call 368-6283 or 967-3066 to learn how your kid can enjoy sport.
Sign ups are on March 1 at the Avalon Senior Cen-ter 4-6pm.
Congratulations to Louis DaVila.  Lou will be at-tending the Presi-dential Classroom Event in Washing-ton, DC this month.
Thanks to some impressive PSAT scores, Louie was selected for this once in a lifetime adventure.                                                ***
  All this talk about voting and budgets, how about the election date?
It’s April 18.  Be sure to get out and cast your vote. 
The jewel in Middle Township High School’s crown is the school production.
This year’s play is Godspell.
The talented cast includes stu-dents from our community includ-ing; Allison Dotts, Devon Dougherty, Karen Guilliams, Josh Kearny, Nicole Lake, Sarah Langston, Chris Sannino, Dave Schenck, Chelsey Smith and Melissa Smyth.  The play will be staged the first weekend in March at the Per-forming Art Cen-ter. 
Student Govern-ment sponsored a “Valentines for the Troops” card campaign earlier this month.
With the help of kids in grades three to eight they were able to send over 300 cards to soldiers overseas.
This busy group of middle school students always has something cooking. 
  February 27 is the last chance for any “school board member wanna-be’s” to file a nomination petition with Mia in the board of-fice.
Throw your hat in the ring, step up to the plate, get involved.
Whatever moti-vates you, just make sure you do it by the 27th. 
  The Home & School Association is hosting the Family Fun Night event on March 3 and 10 at the ele-mentary school.
Join the fun and competition by bringing the whole family out to this activity.
Don’t forget your sneakers. 
  The Cape May County Prosecu-tor’s Office will present an infor-mational evening for parents on March 28 at 7 p.m.
If who have con-cerns about your kids and the World Wide Web, you may want to attend this seminar.
The Home and School Association has set this meet-ing up as a commu-nity service.
Show them sup-port and plan on making this a night out. 
Middle Township High School is no stranger to the world of standard-ized tests.
The annual rit-ual of spring testing will run from  March 7 to 9.
Hey kids, eat your Wheaties and get to school on time. 
Until next week, call me with your stuff.
How’s your rec basketball team doin’?
If you buy into that whole Ground-hog Day scam, we have a bit more winter to go.  Call me, pleeeease.

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