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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Cris Pannullo from Ocean City Is on an 11-Game Winning Streak

Cris Pannullo

By Herald Staff

OCEAN CITY – Cris Pannullo is on an 11-game winning streak in Jeopardy! as the popular trivia show takes a mid-season break.
Pannullo, an Ocean City native, has continued to play exceptionally well; his total earnings currently sit at over $350,000. Pannullo has shown incredible skill in taking calculated bets during “daily double” questions, where a contestant wagers an amount of their choosing before they see the question they must answer.
Pannullo is a former professional poker player and is currently an operations manager in Ocean City. The Cape May County local has made headlines across the country and has made a large splash in Jeopardy fan communities, including r/Jeopardy, a forum where Jeopardy! aficionados discuss the game in great detail.
Many “redditors” have marked their usernames with a “team Cris Pannullo” flair to show their support. His name appears in headlines across the world, including British tabloid The Sun.
Pannullo will return to Jeopardy! when the regular format returns in November, after the “Tournament of Champions” format ends.

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