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State Detective Arrested After N. Wildwood Bar Incident

Danielle Oliviera

By Herald Staff

NORTH WILDWOOD – A state law enforcement officer was reportedly arrested Irish weekend, after allegedly being kicked out of a local bar and then repeatedly trying to re-enter the business.
Danielle Oliveira, a detective sergeant with the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, was arrested and charged with defiant trespass by North Wildwood Police Sept. 24, when city police alleged she tried sneaking back into an Olde New Jersey Avenue drinking establishment through an exit, after bar staff told her to leave, BreakingAC reported.
In a police bodycam video of the arrest, during the city’s annual Irish Fall Festival, which was posted to YouTube by Breaking AC, another woman in plain clothes outside the bar, who is reportedly Cortney Lawrence, a lieutenant with the New Jersey Office of Criminal Justice, told police Oliveira left the bar to take a call related to a police involved shooting in North Jersey. Breaking AC reported it was unable to confirm that such an event took place that night. 
In the video, Lawrence, who also appeared to be a bar patron, told North Wildwood officers that she was not looking for special treatment for Oliveira, just looking to get to the bottom of what went on.
Officers can be heard on camera talking amongst themselves and saying Oliveira was “advised multiple times” not to remain on the property and that she was “causing a scene”. Police said in a report they told Oliveira she would be arrested if she returned to the bar, which she did ten minutes later despite the warning, the report states. 
Video shows she was arrested without further incident and loaded into a paddy wagon for transport to the police department. Asked by police if she was law enforcement, Oliveira tells police in the video she is state law enforcement.  
She was booked and subsequently released after Lawrence signed a document accepting custody, according to the report. 
An Office of Public Integrity and Accountability spokesperson told Breaking AC they are aware of the incident and it is under review. The job status of Oliveira, who also sits on the board of New Jersey Women in Law Enforcement, is unclear.
Olivera’s defense lawyer told that his client was falsely arrested and local prosecutors should drop the charges and apologize. 
The Attorney General’s office told that an Ocean County prosecutor is performing an independent review of the incident. 
Any charges are accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

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