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Friday, April 12, 2024


Philadelphia Woman Charged With Illicit Wildwood Voting


By Herald Staff

COURT HOUSE — Cape May County Prosecutor Robert L. Taylor on Thursday, May 28 announced that Kathleen McCullough, 53, of East Keswick Road, Philadelphia was charged with multiple counts of registering to vote in an election district in which she was not a resident.
The Prosecutor’s Office, assisted by the Cape May County Board of Elections, conducted an investigation after receiving allegations of voter fraud beginning with the 2007 Wildwood municipal election.
According to a release, during the course of the investigation, many individuals who listed their domiciles in Cape May County were challenged by the Board of Elections.
Subsequently, Super Court Judge Raymond Batten decided whether of not the individuals were eligible to vote.
The investigation revealed that McCullough’s primary domicile was in Philadelphia and her eligibility to vote was revoked by Batten in May 2007.
Following that decision, McCullough altered her voter registration information and proceeded to vote illegally in the Wildwood municipal election, presidential primary election and the state primary election in 2008.
McCullough was charged with three counts of false registration and was charged on a summons.
Persons convicted of that crime may be punished for each offense by a fine up to $1,000 and imprisonment not exceeding five years, or both.
The Prosecutor’s Office “is committed to diligently investigate and prosecute any and all persons who willfully violate the state’s laws governing the legal registration and voting in municipal, county, state and federal elections,” according to the release.
Detectives from the Prosecutor’s Office will investigate all credible allegations of voter fraud during the upcoming elections set for June 2 and all future elections, Taylor concluded.

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