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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Beware of Calls from ‘Kelly Smith,’ CMCo Sheriff’s Office Urges

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COURT HOUSE – The Cape May County Sheriff’s Office reported that a subject is calling people identifying herself as “Kelly Smith.”
According to a release, “Smith” has reportedly asked those answering her phone calls to contact U.S. Legal Support, at 347-826-0006.
The phone number the Sheriff’s Office says is appearing on phones was 609-463-6420, which is a phone number from the office. This is typically achieved by using a third-party system that can mask a phone number to appear as one that it is not.
Sheriff Robert Nolan says that the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office would never contact anyone via telephone and request payment for anything or conduct business in the described manner. Furthermore, any notifications for matters of the County Superior Court are dealt with through certified mail and would come from a division within the Superior Court, such as civil, criminal, jury management, etc.
Those who have been a victim or know someone who has been a victim of this scam and believe their information could aid the Sheriff’s Office’s investigation are asked to contact Lt. Beth Perednas, at 609-463-6436.

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