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Monday, June 17, 2024


Children with Epilepsy Taught Surfing in Sea Isle City

Thirty children with epilepsy try something new July 21

By Karen Knight

SEA ISLE CITY – Thirty children with epilepsy were introduced to surfing July 21, thanks to lessons provided by a Sea Isle City business. 
According to Brian Heritage, president, Sea Isle City Chamber of Commerce, and owner of Heritage Surf and Sport, the event is “a true community effort, with numerous individuals and organizations supporting this worthy cause,” per a Sea Isle City release. 
The inaugural “Seize the Wave” event was sponsored by Epilepsy Services of New Jersey, Paul’s Purple Warriors, Ludlam Board Riders, and Tass Home Remodeling, with lunch provided by Mrs. Brizzle’s Deli, in Sea Isle City. Heritage’s business provided the surfing lessons. 
“Not only is this a very nice event, it gives kids who normally would not have the chance to go surfing the opportunity to experience something new affiliated with the ocean,” stated Heritage, who is also a member of the Ludlam Board Riders, a local chapter of the South Jersey Board Riders Club.   
According to Liza Grundell, chief executive officer, Epilepsy Services of New Jersey, they and Paul’s Purple Warriors are “working together to help kids with epilepsy be able to challenge themselves, to try something new. 
“We want to educate others about epilepsy and help everyone understand that these kids may have epilepsy, but that doesn’t define who they are. Epilepsy parents are always hearing about what their children cannot do, but at Seize the Wave, it’s all about what their kids can do. 
“It’s important for all kids to have the opportunity to try new things,” she continued. “Seize the Wave is about overcoming obstacles and about hope. The kids were amazing. They showed us that they can be brave and ride the waves together.” 
“Obviously, we enjoy surfing, but the Ludlam Board Riders also enjoy serving as local ambassadors for the ocean – and we are very happy to help these kids experience surfing firsthand during Seize the Wave,” Heritage stated. He became involved with the event through one of his employees. 
The Seize the Wave event gave children the opportunity for surfing lessons by providing the necessary safeguards required, while spreading education and awareness to the public, according to a spokesperson for Epilepsy Services of New Jersey.   
Surf lessons started on the beach before each participant ventured into the ocean with a surfer. 
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