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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Cape May 1/25/2006

By Rick Racela

While I’m great at enjoying all kinds of fruit and veggies in the height of summer, these dark days of winter find me neglecting the produce isle a bit too often.
In my resolution research, I have been reading a lot about super foods lately – you know, foods that are supposed to be especially healthy in some way.
One surprise, perhaps, is that chocolate can be a good addition to your diet.
Too bad it isn’t a fruit or a vegetable!
Anyway, I know a perfect way to get those antioxidants dark chocolate is chock full of.
Make yourself a reservation for the Chocolate Fantasy Buffet at the Washington Inn.
Pastry Chef Kathleen Cressman creates a lavish spread of not just dark chocolate treats, but milk and white chocolate as well.
I’ve had the pleasure of indulging in this feast, and it is nothing short of amazing.
Kathy is so talented! The next Chocolate Fantasy Buffet will be at 2 p.m. on Feb. 11, and it’s sure  a perfect way to treat your Valentine to an early surprise.
These buffets always sell out, so call the sponsor, Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts, right away to make your reservation.
The number is 884-5404 and the cost is $30 per person.
Remember, chocolate is good for you!
In other good for you news, it can certainly be good to take part in a worthy cause, and here’s your chance.
The William J. Moore Scholarship Foundation is hosting a fundraiser at the Wildwood Convention Center from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Feb.18.
There will be a buffet dinner and dancing to the classic soul music performed by the Sensational Soul Cruisers.
The mid-winter event is about supporting education, community, and remembering local African-American educator and tennis instructor William J. Moore.
The Moore Foundation has funded over 60 college-bound students for the last 33 years.
Tickets are available for $60 at Center for Community Arts, 712 Lafayette Street, Cape May and at Flying Fish Studio, 130 Park Blvd., West Cape May; or call Alice Vasser at 898-2252.
For further information regarding the scholarships, write the William J. Moore Foundation at Box 64, Cape May, NJ  08204.
If eating chocolate and supporting good causes doesn’t have you feeling quite good enough, how about expanding your intellect?
The Greater Cape May Historical Society is holding a general membership meeting tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. at West Cape May Borough Hall.
Former history professor Harry Savage will lead the discussion, “Presidents and Second Term Blues.” All are welcome.
This Saturday brings another opportunity to expand your mind, as the Nature Center presents a “Winter Tree ID” workshop.
From 10 a.m. to noon, you will explore local trees by examining their leaf shape, fruit, bark and twigs.
A tree walk will bring you up close and personal as you learn how to identify trees.
Be sure to dress warmly!
Class size is limited, so call 898-8848 today to reserve your spot.
Cost is $8 for Nature Center members and $10 for non-members.
That’s all the news I have to share today.
Please keep sending it my way, and have a great week everyone!

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