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BREAKING NEWS – Water Park Alcohol Resurfaces, North Wildwood Council Reconsiders 4.19.2006

By Rick Racela

NORTH WILDWOOD – A controversial ordinance that will allow alcohol to be served at Raging Waters water park on Morey’s Pier passed on first reading 4-1 by city council.
“I’ve said time and time again, I’m against any alcohol on the boardwalk,” said Councilman Hank Rice at the April 18 meeting. “I think this motion should be defeated.”
Rice was the only councilman to vote against the ordinance.
Patricia Coombs, agreed with Rice and questioned whether she would allow her children to work at the water park if alcohol were present.
“Thousands and thousands of children will be exposed to intoxicated people,” Coombs told council as she choked back her emotion. “Think long and hard before you pass this.”
Colleen Long said that she was surprised to see the ordinance make another appearance after it was practically shouted down by a large crowd that packed the city’s recreation center on March 7.
At that meeting, a loud chorus of boos and shouts of opposition from members of the audience, many who had been bused from Philadelphia to express their frustrations with the revaluation, continued as council asked for a second on the motion. A second was not offered and the ordinance failed.
“A lot of people have already voiced their opinion to this,” she said.
Councilman Bob McCullion clarified that people will not be able to walk up to the amusement piers and have a beer.
“You have to pay to be admitted to the water park and then go to an area specially designated,” he said.
“That’s what bars are for,” responded Long. 
The ordinance has a maximum of 35 days to be reviewed by the planning board and then it will goes back to council for public comment and final vote. The Morey Organization will also have to appear before the Alcohol Beverage board for approval of its management plan.
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