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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Avalon Plans New Siren, Warning System Test 3.29.2006

By Al Campbell

Avalon Plans New Siren, Warning System Test
AVALON – The borough will conduct operational testing of its new fire sirens and outdoor warning system on March 31 from noon through 4 p.m. (times approximate).
In addition to the fire whistle, there will be testing of voice warnings which will include several different messages transmitted as spoken words over the sirens.
(A list of those messages is included at the end of this release.) 
 Sirens are located on Dune Drive at 13th, 30th, and 67th streets, but should be heard over large areas of town.
Testing will be suspended if any actual emergencies occur. 
Residents may tune an AM radio to 1630 for additional information from the borough.
Siren voice messages include: (paraphrased)
“This is a test…”
“Flood warning…”
“Severe weather warning…”
“We are aware of the current emergency…”
“We have declared a limited state of emergency…”
“State of emergency, evacuation order…”
“The state of emergency has ended”

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