Thursday, September 28, 2023

Avalon Eyes 2-Hour Dune Drive Parking

By Christine Cote

Council Jan. 11 introduced, by title only, an amendment to its parking laws that would limit parking on Dune Drive from 20th to 33rd streets to two-hour periods.
This limit will be in effect at all times, according to Councilman David Ellenberg, who has been leading efforts to solve some of the borough’s parking issues before this summer.
Ellenberg told the Herald that the current restriction of no parking on Dune Drive between 3 and 6 a.m. would stay in effect. That prohibition is to allow for street cleaning, he said.
For all other times when parking is allowed on the borough’s main business thoroughfare, it will be subject to the two-hour limit, Ellenberg said.
Police Chief Stephen Sykes last month submitted a report to council citing numerous enforcement problems with the two-hour limit. On Jan. 11, he said he had no comment on enforcement when asked by council.
“How much additional signage do we have to put up?” Councilman Charles Covington asked Engineer Thomas Thornton.
“Good question,” said Thornton, “assuming you don’t want a sign at every parking spot,” referring to the angled parking places on the street, which he said wouldn’t necessarily be served by the signs posted for those parking parallel to the curb.
“Good assumption,” said Covington.
These details will be worked out before the ordinance is introduced for passage.
This limit is an attempt to control parking without putting in meters, although Ellenberg has told council, that meters could always be the answer in the future.
The borough is also negotiating with a private trolley company to provide transportation within the borough for the busy season.
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