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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions

By Amy Pastch

Amy Patsch
Amy Patsch

It has been a tough couple of weeks and months with highs and lows abounding. What is it about life that sometimes throws me in a tizzy? And, as I think about it what do I think happens to me that my Christ is unaware of? Nothing. I just am experiencing life as it has occurred ever since the fall in Eden.

A dear friend of mine is terminally ill and she does not live near enough for me to be able to visit and comfort with prayers in person. Blessedly she is a firm believer that her final destination is in the arms of Jesus because He has forgiven her sins. As long as I have known her she has been one to testify freely to others about her faith in Jesus. I will miss her and her slow demise is hard for all of us who love her.

Nothing compared to that, is that the last of the six squirrels born last year has disappeared. He was a joy to me and a great clown and not surprisingly I miss him and the frequent laughs his antics brought.  Nature moves as God directs and I have noticed a raptor has been flying very low in the neighborhood and that may have been the squirrel’s end and the raptor’s dinner. Still, as I always do, I pour out my heart during the day to God who listens patiently and fills my life with caring and unexpected joys. I told Him how much I missed the little critter and then we saw a baby rabbit. The ducks, too, are coming to the bird feeder. 

Even though I live in Ocean City we have three large trees on our property and I keep the bird feeder filled. We have a large water fountain which also entices the wildlife if you can call ducks, bunnies, and squirrels wildlife.

As time crept forward this past week a baby squirrel appeared. Just one this time, not six. I had to thank God for the squirrel as it was such a joy to see it eating under the feeder and holding his own with the bigger birds. And within days we saw him eating inside the “squirrel-proof” bird feeder.

These highs don’t really even out the suffering of my heart for my friend but I do take the balm of seeing the birds, squirrels, and bunnies daily as a gift from God to take my mind away, if even for a few moments, of the impending loss of my dear friend. In the meantime I can still call and hear her voice which I hope comforts us both. I know we will see each other again in heaven but I already miss her ready smile and joyful countenance.

Life does move onward no matter the ills, wars, and sufferings because there are still couples falling in love, babies being born, families growing up and the cycle continues – ever since Adam and Eve.

As much as I am missing being with my friend, I am anticipating the return to our area of a young couple with their four children. We watched these two grow up in our church family and grow up in God as well.  Ryan has now graduated from Seminary and is hoping to find a pastoral position in our area. Another couple we have known since they were wee ones in Sunday school are due home with their newborn infant after graduating from college. The joys indeed are great. The cycle of life continues.

Our God is so faithful to be with us in all things. He tells us He will never leave us or forsake us. We are not in this world alone fending for ourselves. God is with us if we choose to accept that we are sinners in need of a Savior. If we reject the thought that we need a Savior then really what hope is there? We will just trudge through life and then die. What will happen after that depends upon that very specific choice we made in life.

If we understand God is exactly who He says He is then we have to believe we can never have a relationship with Him other than fearing Him, unless we believe in the saving work of Jesus’ death on the cross. Our God made a way for us not to live in fear but in love. “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” We must believe first, act on that faith, and give to Jesus His rightful Lordship. If we trust and obey we will have the peace that passes all understanding in spite of our emotional turmoil.

ED. NOTE: Amy Patsch writes from Ocean City. Email her at


Amy Patsch writes religious and faith-based opinion content for the Cape May County Herald.

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