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Saturday, May 18, 2024


Middle Introduces Business Registration License

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Middle Township Municipal Building

From Middle Township

COURT HOUSE – Business owners operating in Middle Township have until Jan. 1 to purchase a business registration license through a process that brings the municipality in compliance with state law.

Township Committee adopted the ordinance to establish a business registration licensing requirement at its Nov. 20 meeting.

The licensing protocol complies with an August 2022 state law that requires owners of businesses or rental units to register their certificate of insurance with a municipality. Without a business licensing system, the Township had no way to enforce the state law.

Business owners and owners of rental units are required to maintain liability insurance policies of at least $500,000. Those who own a multifamily home of four or fewer units, one of which is owner-occupied, are required to maintain liability insurance policies of at least $300,000, in accordance with the state mandate.

The owners must provide proof of insurance annually to the municipality in which they do business.

The Middle Township ordinance applies to permanent, year-round businesses as well as all transient and seasonal businesses, such as landscapers. Contractors, builders and other businesses that are based outside of Middle but operate within the Township also will need business registration licenses.

“The Township has a legal responsibility to follow state mandates,” said Mayor Tim Donohue. “Our goal in forming this ordinance was to create an affordable and convenient process for businesses to obtain licenses.”

The annual license fee is $75. It can be purchased through GovPilot, an online municipal licensing program that the Township already uses for dog licenses, OPRA requests, short-term rentals and vital record requests. A link will be posted on the website when it is available. For more information, call (609) 465-8732.

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