Friday, December 1, 2023

Maturity and the Sexualization of School Children

By James Schwarzwalder, Avalon / Lindenwold

To the Editor:

Bureaucrats in the state Department of Education, some members of the state Legislature and some local school boards are determined to indoctrinate children that chromosomes do not determine gender. State Attorney General Matthew Platkin is leading the charge. A few local school boards are fighting back through a court case that is on appeal. Some school children are being taught that gender is a choice, not a scientific fact.   

Let’s examine for a moment other life events that require a minimum age. Voting – 18. Getting a tattoo – 18. Purchasing smoking products – 21. Purchasing alcoholic beverages – 21. Full driver’s license – 18. Enlist in the military – 17. Obtain an aspirin from a school nurse – that one is prohibited by law.   

Parents are being kept in the dark regarding their children. Names can be changed in school at the sole request of a student. Advice can be given by school staff without parental involvement. Medical life-altering surgeries and drugs and referrals can be discussed and advised by a school without a parent’s knowledge.

Congress has held hearings on this topic with emotional testimony from some who have been harmed, some irreversibly.

And you and I are paying for this through state income and local property taxes.


Avalon / Lindenwold

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