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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Majane Promoted to Captain in Lower Police Force

Christopher South
Capt. Michael Majane takes the oath of office of captain on the Lower Township Police Department, Monday, May 20. Holding the Bible is his daughter, Aubrey, and waiting to pin on his badge is his wife, Erin.

By Christopher South

VILLAS – Newly promoted Lower Township Police Capt. Michael Majane took the oath of office from Mayor Frank Sippel as his daughter Aubrey, 9, held the Bible and wife, Erin, waited to pin on his captain’s badge.

The promotion ceremony was held on Monday, May 20, at the Township Council meeting.

Majane began his career in 2000 as a class II officer in Wildwood and later spent six months in the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office. In 2001 he was hired by the Lower Township Police Department, beginning more than two decades of service there.

By 2003 he was playing a significant role in the Cape May County Police Academy’s training program, becoming an instructor for method of instruction, vehicle operations, physical conditioning, defensive tactics, expandable baton, firearms, patrol rifle and MILO range instructor, which refers to a simulated shooting range.

Newly promoted Capt. Michael Majane receives a congratulatory kiss from his wife, Erin, at a public promotion ceremony May 20 in Lower Township Hall. Photo Credit: Christopher South

Majane was a member of the Lower Township SWAT Team before joining the Cape May County SWAT Team in 2005 and remaining a member until 2016.

In 2010 he was assigned to Lower’s Detective Division, where he was trained in top gun narcotics investigation, investigative photography and video, crime scene and advanced crime scene investigation, advanced interview and interrogation, and internal affairs investigations. He was named detective first class in 2013 and became the supervising firearms instructor and armorer for the department.

This was all accomplished before he reached the rank of sergeant. He was promoted to patrol sergeant in February 2022, and to lieutenant in June 2023. He was officially promoted to captain on May 6.

Contact the reporter, Christopher South, at or 609-886-8600, ext. 128.


Christopher South is a reporter for the Cape May County Herald.

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